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From Delhi


Out of¬†curiosity, I came back to this blog and realized that I never did things I said I’d do, like put up pictures of Delhi. So I will do that, and then reimagine this blog and show some adventures in other places of the world.¬†

Going Home

I’m leaving for home tomorrow. It’s crazy that it’s already been four months here and that tomorrow is May 2nd. I’ll be home on May 3rd after a very long flight and an almost as long layover in Dubai.

On that note. I have been a horrible blogger, meaning I still have photos and stories to tell. So this blog will remain active until I run out of the things that I forgot.

Kathak, from the SIP Cultural Night. Left to right- Heather, Me, Rachel, Kelsey, Stacy, Tiffani, Melissa, and Emily.

Our Bollywood dance- Dance Pe Chance, staring (in order of dancing) Me, Emily, Heather, Tiffani, Melissa, Anna, Jessica, and Sanne

Some pictures from the show!

I am the worst blogger in the history of blogging

So I realized that I haven’t touched this thing for several weeks. I have a lot to update on, including the rest of my trip up north (I completely forgot that I hadn’t put anything about Delhi on here, and that was AMAZING) and my trip to Hampi. So, I will be doing that sometime in the near future, hopefully this week as my classes are winding down. In the mean time, here are some picture from our SIP Cultural Program, an event in which SIP students (the international ones here at Hyderabad) perform the things that we have been learning, dance, tabla (drums), sitar, as well as skits in Hindi, and sometimes other numbers. I was in three dance pieces, Kuchipudi, Kathak, and a Bollywood style dance that a group of us put together.

First, some pictures.

Heather getting her hair done by Swami-Ji’s wife

Tiffany and I in Kuchipudi makeup

Emily getting make up


Stacy’s awesome multi-colored braid.


Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. Its another city filled with palaces, forts, and it is painted pink. I’ve heard two stories about why the city is pink. One is that the prince that founded it really liked the color, and the other is that Prince Albert wanted the city painted to be a symbol of hostpitality (pink being the traditional color of hospitality). It’s also the center of a good chunk of shopping, being famous for jewelery, fabric, paintings, and rugs.

The Hawa Mahal: one of the many palaces of Jaipur, but specifically designed for the harem of the prince of the city.

The City Palace

Jodhpur: in the desert

Jodhpur is the blue city. No really, its blue.

It also has a very cool fort with a palace (almost everything in Rajastan has a fort) from which you can see most of the city and the city walls.

View from the fort

Pictures from Agra